Starting Over: Introduction

Challenge: Nothing Is Free


To Begin:
1. You need a completely empty world. Lots can be laid out if you want, but none of them may be built upon at all and any community lots must be set to “No Visitors Allowed”. How you obtain such a world, whether you empty out one of the premade ones or whether you have a custom one does not matter. I only draw the line at worlds that have a bajillion spawners for rare stuff all over the place – let’s keep it reasonable, okay? But it cannot have a single rabbithole, park, or anything like that – it must be empty. There also may not be any Sims living in this world.

2. You may make 1 CAS Sim in this world, and 1 only. You are never allowed to make any other CAS Sims. Gender, exact age, etc. are all up to you. Pets may not be created with them.

3. Move this Sim into an empty lot in your empty world, and that starts your challenge.

How to Play:
You’ll notice right off the bat that your Sim can’t have a standard career. With no rabbitholes, your Sim can’t get a rabbithole job – there isn’t even a school for your kids! And you can’t even register as self-employed and get a stipend without a City Hall. And while it’s possible to actually get yourself employed in a couple of the Ambitions professions in this state, there are certain requirements (see below) and most of them are pretty much impossible when you’re the only Sim in town anyway. You’ll have to find some other means of making money. (My Sim started a garden and her husband became an artist.)

You’re also going to have a hard time finding mates for your first few generations. I suggest hanging out by the mailbox, ordering pizza, or hiring a maid and hope someone of the appropriate gender shows up. (My Sim got robbed and married the burglar…) Kids may be biological, adopted, or created in some fashion – none of that is restricted.

If you want rabbitholes, other community lots, neighbors and the like then you have to earn them! Every additional lot has requirements of some sort. Most community lots require money and skills, and other residences require money and Sims to put in them. You can either build the lots yourself or place a house built by someone else, but either way they must be earned first.




“Meow! Meow! Meow!”


Waylan Steves finally woke up after hearing the fifth meow. He could hear water dripping from the ceiling and a rank stench suffocating him. After becoming more alert, he noticed the unusual surroundings.

“What is this security camera doing here?” He asked himself, getting closer to it. The security camera locked on his face, following his movements.
Waylan turned around and saw a fat Persian cat on the other side of the cell.

Waylan pushed on the cell door, but it wouldn’t budge. The cat stared at him and then towards the direction of the torch. That was when Waylan noticed something engraved on the top of his hand.

“What the hell is going on?!” He reached into his pocket and pulled out hit wallet. Nothing was in there except $400.
He walked over to the backpack and opened it.

Inside, he found a tent, rolled up sleeping bag, thirteen showers in a can, twelve bagels, a camera and a catnip mouse toy. The cat must have belonged to that skeleton over there, he thought to himself .

He grabbed the notebook and crouched down next to the lantern. There wasn’t much written down, but the owner referred to the cat as “Mushi”. Strange name for a cat.
Waylan grabbed the backpack and put the notebook inside. He also grabbed the lantern even though there wasn’t much oil left for it. He looked up at the torch and saw there was a strange hinge on it.

The cell door automatically opened.
“That was a little too easy.”
Waylan attached the lantern to the backpack and followed Mushi. He waked up the stairs and was greeted with a maze and narrow tunnels.

Mushi took the lead and Waylan followed, keeping a close ear for Mushi’s me0ws. Eventually, Mushi took him to a door with a small crescent shaped rock. Mushi nuzzled it and Waylan grabbed it, taking it with him.
Waylan continued walking down the narrow paths until he ran into what appeared to be a dead end. Mushi meowed and Waylan saw a stone plaque on the wall. The indent was the same crescent shape as the rock he picked up. He took out the rock and placed it inside the crescent indent.


He heard a “click” and turned around behind him. There was now a staircase and light shining down. Mushi raced up the stairs and called for Waylan to follow him.

Waylan followed up the stairs, but once he got back outside of the dungeon, the stairs disappeared behind him.

Waylan took a deep breath of fresh air and looked around.




Waylan knelt down and lowered his hand to let Mushi sniff it. Mushi was reluctant at first, but then nuzzled his fingers. Waylan took out the cat toy and gave it to Mushi. “Thank you for helping me out.”

Waylan spent the rest of the night setting up camp while letting Mushi relax.



“I hope you like fish,” Waylan said, tearing off a piece for Mushi. “I think we’re going to be great friends,” he said, scratching behind Mushi’s ear.
After dinner, Waylan took the notebook and began to write a story about his strange adventure and meeting Mushi. He didn’t know how he got in that cell or how Mushi found him, but he was thankful that Mushi saved his life.

After finishing the first chapter of his story, he changed into the night clothes he found inside the backpack. He crawled into his tent with Mushi following behind.

Little did he know that escaping the dungeon was only half the battle.




Skills: Fishing – 2 ; Writing – 1

Beings Met: 1 (Mushi)



One comment on “Starting Over: Introduction

  1. Mary says:

    Oh this is awesome! Please keep on going, please ;). I want to do this challenge too and I’ll do it as soon as I have a few hours at hand.

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