The Founding Family: Winston Family

Challenge: Nothing Is Free Challenge

I would like to say that I made up these names on my own, but I just used the name roller next to the name.

Here is the family:

Roberto Winston


Computer Wiz

Lifetime Wish

Professional Author

Aurora Winston


Savvy Sculptor
Natural Cook
Born Saleswoman
Cat Person

Lifetime Wish

Descendent of Da Vinci

Mushi Winston (male)



I have placed them on a 30 X 30 lot. My first set of goals are to teach Roberto writing so I can open up the bookstore and Aurora sculpting so I can open up the consignment shop.  I am not focused on population just yet, but I do plan for their first child to learn logic and open up the hospital.

Aurora will also learn painting for extra money. Since she can’t open up more than one rabbit hole, it is just to have extra cash laying around.

This is what the house looks like so far:

I started working on the skills.

Roberto works on writing:

Aurora works on sculpting:

Mushi works on hunting:

After Roberto gets stressed, he goes and meets two paparazzi, Abraham Finkel and Artie Page.


Roberto Writing Skill: 1
Aurora Sculpting Skill: 2
Mushi Hunting Skill: 3
People (NPC) met: 2


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